Little bit about me

    Hello everyone! My name is Angela, I’m 28 years old and a stay at home mom. I have two beautiful children; Riley Mae and Mico Alby. My husband works as a general manager and has been in the military for over ten years.

Ive been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years and one day I decided to start my blog. I started writing about fitness, recipes, books, kids and more. I just love sharing what’s on mind, whether it be about my kids, different recipes I’ve tried or products I’ve tried out.

I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and as a mommy of two, I find it to be very important. I want to teach my babies the importance of health and wellness. I have found it to be a bit of a struggle staying active and eating healthy now that I have two kids.  
Join me on my journey of random thoughts, trying to stay active, kids, fashion and more!


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