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Gratitude Challenge Day 7

July 21, 2019

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? I hope it was amazing!

We are on the last day of our challenge and I hope it went well for you! I found this challenge especially difficult during certain times.

I’m glad it was a challenge though, because every day is different. Challenges and difficulties arise and we either can make the best of it or become bitter about it. Normally I struggle with finding the good in tough situations so I’m glad I sat down and forced myself to be grateful.

So for my last day of this challenge I want to say that I am grateful for all of you. I wouldn’t have this blog if it weren’t for all of my followers. I appreciate every one of you for every like, comment or just reading my thoughts and words.

I hope that you all can find joy in every day challenges and tough times. Those are the moments that are important. They help shape us into who we are.

Thank you all for your support through the years, I hope we can keep learning from each other and enjoying life with the ups and downs.

What are you grateful for today?

Have a wonderful Sunday night!

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