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Gratitude Challenge Day 4

July 18, 2019

Happy Thursday!

I can’t believe today is finally here. Today is a very special day! Two years ago my little baby boy was born.

Baby Mico

So today I am very grateful for my son! His name is Mico and he has added so much joy and love into our home. He is such a sweet little boy with a big personality. It’s been amazing to watch him grow.

Right now his favorite thing is The Lion King. He has a stuffed Simba and he takes it every where. He also loves horses and dinosaurs. Mico will crawl around growling at everything and it’s just the greatest thing. He has a love for animals, especially his two dogs.

He loves his sissy and tries to be just like her. He will even dress up in her clothes, shoes, and jewelry. One of his favorite things to do is pick on sissy, which is probably her least favorite activity. Mico also loves hugging his sissy and it melts my heart every time.

Mico loves to cuddle but is also trying to be more independent and do things on his own. He like a to pick out his own clothes and try and brush his teeth.

It’s been two years, they have gone so fast and have been so wonderful! I can’t wait to watch him continue to learn, grow and explore. Happy Birthday to my sweet, and silly boy!

Happy boy with his puppy!

What’s something you’re grateful for today? Let’s talk about it!

I hope you have a great day!


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